Warranty terms

When you purchase a VERITAS sewing machine, you receive brand quality that will give you many years of enjoyment. The two year statutory warranty protects you from unexpected repair costs and gives you peace of mind at the same time. You can also ensure this free of charge, even after the statutory warranty ends. Simply register on veritas-sewing.com and we will offer you a manufacturer warranty for another 3 years.

We will assume 2 years of warranty from the purchase date as part of the statutory warranty. VERITAS also provides a free warranty extension over another 3 years. Simply register your VERITAS device on our website and receive a warranty extension of 3 years in return (a total of 5 years from the purchase date)! You have 6 months to do this from the purchase date!

Within the warranty period, we will rectify all material or manufacturing faults free of charge. Should any defects occur, contrary to expectation, please contact our Customer Service department first of all. If you need to send your machine for repair, please ensure that it is packaged securely as we are not liable for any damages during transport. We recommend that you keep the original packaging and your receipt for this purpose! The warranty does not cover damage that is caused by improper use or parts that are subject to wear and consumables. You can order these by calling the specified telephone number.

The statutory warranty is not limited by this warranty.

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